Kenol’s Cats

Since 2012 when New World Solutions owner, John Milian, started this Burglar and Fire Alarm business, he has been giving back to the community. John is an animal lover and ensures that proceeds from his business go to providing care for local stray cats and lost pets.

John spends his free time caring for these cats and takes them for proper spaying and neutering to help control the local population via TNR (Trap Neuter & Return) and is certified by the Animal Rescue Professionals Association.

John offers them a clean and safe living environment, food and water, medical attention, and an abundance of love until they find permanent homes.

John is also the Executive Ambassador for Kenol’s Cats founded in February 2024 honoring the memory, love, and legacy of the late founder Kenol the cat from Newark, NJ. He, along with Chewy and Chica, his fellow brother and sister rescue cats are the pillars of our rescue mission. Kenol’s Cats is a 501C3 NonProfit (99-1293625) organization temporarily located in Elizabeth, NJ and currently looking for a new home. We are an organization that saves cats to rehome and/or serve as therapy cats for those needing a second chance, have no one or may be suffering through great mental or physical challenges. Our professional and certified therapy cats will put a smile on your face!

If you’re a New World Solutions customer, a portion of your monthly service plan already goes to caring for these strays and supports Kenol’s Cats – so thank you!

If you are not a New World customer or just want to make a donation to Kenol’s Cats rescue and therapy mission, you may do so online via paypal

or by mailing a check payment to Kenol’s Cats 749 Fairbanks St, Elizabeth, NJ 07202. Thank you again!

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