Add a Tamper Sensor to Fire Extinguishers at the Office

If you own a business, then you know the importance of your staff’s fire safety. It’s critical that fire extinguishers are checked annually for charge, condition, cleanliness and proper mounting.

It is just as important to ensure that fire extinguishers remain available at the designated area or mount in case of a fire emergency. But question… did you ever notice that it may be getting moved by your staff? We have seen fire extinguishers used as door stops for airing out offices or kitchens, or as a door blockers for smokers sneaking out for a break and even as window jambs to keep windows open. The potential for a fire extinguisher getting kicked over, falling down or just damaged increases every time it leaves its designated mount.

For that reason, New World Solutions offer the option to add a tamper switch or sensor to your fire extinguisher(s) as part of your fire or security alarm system. This way if someone moves the fire extinguisher, you will get a notification right away. It’s better to buy real door and window jambs rather than risking missing or damaged extinguishers in a fire emergency.

Call to learn more about this fire extinguisher sensor service and what other tips set us apart from our competition.

Photo by Sriram P H on Unsplash

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