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Latest News

Service Call Turns Kitty Adoption

I was on an alarm service call in Elizabeth, NJ in late 2019 and my customer told me her cat recently had a small litter and naturally I was intrigued. How can you resist such beautiful kittens! After playing with them for a while, I offered to take them for adoption and just like that,…

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Combating Home Cyber Threats During the COVID-19 Crisis

It’s no surprise that with the majority of corporate and small business employees now working remotely from home, and with children being home-schooled in some capacity, that cyber threats and scams are also at an an all-time high. Read this great article from NJ Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Cell of helpful links to protect your…

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Add a Tamper Sensor to Fire Extinguishers at the Office

If you own a business, then you know the importance of your staff’s fire safety. It’s critical that fire extinguishers are checked annually for charge, condition, cleanliness and proper mounting. It is just as important to ensure that fire extinguishers remain available at the designated area or mount in case of a fire emergency. But…

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We Specialize in Pet-Friendly Alarm Systems

New World Solutions installs and supports pet-friendly burglar alarms for your home. We help you choose the right burglar alarm system with either pet-friendly motion sensors or extra door and window sensors with no motion sensor. We want to avoid your pets from triggering false alarm calls that waste the valuable time and resources of…

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Shielding Your Pet During a Home Invasion

Nothing is more near and dear to us than our family. Yet, when it comes to home security, so many people forget to account for the safety and well-being of some of their most beloved family members—their pets. In Centrailia, Washington, a homeowner was heartbroken when his dog was shot and killed in cold blood…

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Take the Extra Step: 12 Ways to Protect Your Home from Burglars

Though you cannot totally protect your home from getting burgled, you would probably be surprised to know that there are no burglars that are as sophisticated as someone like Ethan Hunt from the Mission Impossible movies. However, when you have the right plan in place, you can almost make your home burglar-proof. When most people think about their home’s…

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Top 5 Cyber Practices To Keep You Safe

People assume that staying safe from cyber hackers requires a lot of money. While spending money in the right area is important, common sense features costing little to no money and are the most effective defenses to thwart a cyber attack. Let’s face it, no one is 100% safe from cyber hackers so each of us…

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Official Alarm Provider for Eleventh Hour Rescue

New World Solutions was fortunate enough to be awarded the title of Official Alarm Provider for Eleventh Hour Rescue. We honored to be working with such a great organization that saves over a thousand dogs and cats from death row each year by educating, orchestrating medical care, fostering and adoption with the love and support…

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Our Certifications & Credentials

New World Pet Rescue

Since 2012 when New World Solutions owner, John Milian, started this Burglar and Fire Alarm business, he made has been giving back to the community. John is an animal lover and ensures that proceeds from his business go to providing care for local strays and lost pets.

John spends free time caring for these dogs and cats and takes them for proper spaying and neutering to help control the local population. John offers them a clean and safe living environment, food and water, medical attention, and an abundance of love until they find permanent homes. John also supports Eleventh Hour Rescue, based in Morris County, NJ, which is an organization that saves animals on Death Row at kill shelters.

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