Combating Home Cyber Threats During the COVID-19 Crisis

It’s no surprise that with the majority of corporate and small business employees now working remotely from home, and with children being home-schooled in some capacity, that cyber threats and scams are also at an an all-time high. Read this great article from NJ Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Cell of helpful links to protect your home internet connection and all of your family’s personal data.

These are the links right from the NJCCIC page:

Cyber threat actors are attempting to capitalize on the coronavirus outbreak. If you’re telecommuting, our featured resources outlined below will help you bolster cybersecurity at home:

Tips for Teleworkers, Remote Access Security

The Importance of Multi-Factor Authentication

How to Configure and Secure a Home Wi-Fi Router

CISA: Enterprise VPN Security


03/23: Defending Against Global Viruses

03/16: Cyber Threat Actors Capitalize on Coronavirus


New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub

COVID-19 Rumour Control & Disinformation Updates

Original article:

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