We Specialize in Pet-Friendly Alarm Systems

New World Solutions installs and supports pet-friendly burglar alarms for your home. We help you choose the right burglar alarm system with either pet-friendly motion sensors or extra door and window sensors with no motion sensor. We want to avoid your pets from triggering false alarm calls that waste the valuable time and resources of local police departments. Therefore understanding the alarm technologies options and making educated decisions on the equipment and sensors needed is key to securing your home and avoiding false alarms – especially surprise alarms mid-sleep overnight.

Things to consider for your home security system:

  • Window and door tamper sensors that are loose and wiggly where a pet can potentially remove them.
  • Doors that pets can open by pressing a door handle should be reinforced with bolt locks to avoid roaming.
  • Motion sensors in wide open spaces that household pets have access to.
  • Various motion detectors available in the market for different types and sizes of pets.
  • Check your alarm arming mode options. Most security systems feature Night Arm, Arm/Stay or something similar where your door and window sensors are armed, but your motion detectors are disarmed.
  • Consider indoor security cameras in addition to, but separate from, your burglar alarm so you can see motion notifications due to pet movement without setting off the alarm.

Call us today to discuss your pet-friendly security system options.

Photo by Rick T.T. on Unsplash

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