Here are some of the additional fire alarm services and products that we offer:

Conventional Fire Alarm Upgrades

New World Solutions can help you save money by upgrading you to the current Fire Alarm systems and technology.  Did you know that you no longer need to have 2 Pots (Plain old telephone service) lines to communicate to the Central Station?  In fact, not only it is not required, the *NFPA 2013 now states that on all new installations you can no longer have 2 Pots lines.  Let our technicians walk you through the easy upgrade process of moving to cellular communicators.  We will help you meet today’s standards and at the same time save you money!

Voice Evacuation & Mass Notification Systems

We install Voice Evacuation and Mass Notification systems for college campuses, hospitals, hotels, and stadiums. We handle all the planning, facilitating required permits, design, installation, inspection, testing needed for your Fire Alarm/Voice Evacuation/Mass Notification Installation.

Call us today and learn how NWS can assist you with your Fire Alarm installation.   We will help take the hassle out of setting up new business locations or upgrading existing systems.

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