Access Control Solutions

New World Solution’s  Access Control systems are custom designed to provide you with the protection you need. We provide onsite or managed access cloud services.  Our Access Control Solutions help organizations ensure that employees always have access to their assigned areas at the appropriate times while protecting company information and property.


Bio-metrics can be integrated into access control systems to utilize unique human characteristics, such as fingerprints and eye retina or iris scans to authenticate access to rooms or software.  These technologies measure and analyze human body patterns to create atypical digital profiles that are much harder to replicate.

Electronic Perimeter Detection and Video Surveillance Integration

Electronic perimeter and barrier detection systems can help you manage high traffic buildings or areas without slowing down the flow of authorized personnel traffic. We also offer Video Comparators that will analyze a facial features with photos on file for high security areas.

Let NWS integrate your intrusion, card access and video surveillance systems to create high security measures that will protect your company and clients Intellectual Property and give all involved peace of mind.

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