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Service Call Turns Kitty Adoption

I was on an alarm service call in Elizabeth, NJ in late 2019 and my customer told me her cat recently had a small litter and naturally I was intrigued. How can you resist such beautiful kittens! After playing with them for a while, I offered to take them for adoption and just like that,…

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We Specialize in Pet-Friendly Alarm Systems

New World Solutions installs and supports pet-friendly burglar alarms for your home. We help you choose the right burglar alarm system with either pet-friendly motion sensors or extra door and window sensors with no motion sensor. We want to avoid your pets from triggering false alarm calls that waste the valuable time and resources of…

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Official Alarm Provider for Eleventh Hour Rescue

New World Solutions was fortunate enough to be awarded the title of Official Alarm Provider for Eleventh Hour Rescue. We honored to be working with such a great organization that saves over a thousand dogs and cats from death row each year by educating, orchestrating medical care, fostering and adoption with the love and support…

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